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I am a trained philosopher but usually make a living teaching middle school or writing Spanish scripts for Youtube. I get hung up on things. So here is my writing about whatever I'm hung up on in the moment. I'm from Argentina and my style of writing might have too many run ons for you. Consider that too.

Mexico to NYC; Through Photography Immigrant Single Moms and Children Share their Stories of Life in A New Country

    Luz Aguirre took a picture of her daughter Eve, taking a picture of her.  Being a single mother is a challenge. Immigrant mothers face those challenges every day, and they also have extra hurdles to jump; Communicating with … Continue reading

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On Social Media, Cubans Speak Up for Feminism and Racial Justice

When I came to the United States from Argentina in 2005, I lived in the South. I remember going to Goodwill and finding a vintage poster from the 1950’s that said, “Cuba: Holiday Isle of the Tropics.” I bought it … Continue reading

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Mutant Patriarchy?  In Latin America, Feminist Activists Are still Cynical About the Idea of Feminist-Men…   (Read here)         

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Getting Ready for the World Cup 2014

  Read my article at Schon Magazine U.K… Performing masculinity with a Pink Soccer T Shirt

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Looking Out From Inside Bars

A new book tells stories about life behind bars for mexican women…Originally published in Bitch media    

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Representing Women’s Roles in Michoacán Autodefensas

Representing Women’s Roles in Michoacán Autodefensas Where are the women in Michoacán?…. 

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What’s it Like to be Transgender in Argentina?

(Meet the amazing Effy Beth ) 

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Argentina’s Crisis; The Losses and Gains of my Generation

Argentina’s Crisis; The Losses and Gains of my Generation My country keeps making headlines about its economic and political decline. What’s an insider gotta say?  ( Read the rest of this piece published in Al Jazeera English) I was a teenager … Continue reading

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Fashion’s Exclusivity and the Search For Personal Expression

Since 2008, when Vogue magazine asked Is Fashion Racist? Diversity in the runaway has not changed much. Here is a chart posted this Saturday on Jezebel after fashion week for Fall/Winter 2014. It points to the, still, lack of inclusivity … Continue reading

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How Not To Write Like a Jerk

​ Here are some humble suggestions for all you manly men in journalism, to help you not write like oppressive, sexist, transphobic jerks. 1) Check your male privilege: During Monday meetings with your sports blogger bros, you could all reflect on questions such … Continue reading

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