Another Term To Call Out Sexism


​For those who have sat in class, or worked with that radical leftist guy who is so in love with his own radical stances he has a HUGE blind spot when it comes to women, there is a new identity label called BROCIALIST to call him out on sexism and lack of intersectional analysis. Although not all socialist or radical leftists men are brocialist the main issue is that Brocialists deny there is a problem with patriarchy because they focus on class as the central issue. Say you want to talk about sex workers in Brazil? all the sex trade would disappear once class struggle wins, and, you haven’t considered class as a central factor. Want to talk about women’s rape accusations? They are not as important as class. You want to discuss trans rights?  That’s just “identity politics,” go to the cultural studies department we are doing serious philosophy and journalism over here! You get the picture.

According to Benjamin Silverman who came up with the term:

IN A recent and excellent exchange between Laurie Penny and Richard Seymour on the case of Russell Brand, I was pleased to see them use the word “brocialist” in their discussion. Pleased in part because, at least to the best of my knowledge, I’m the first person to ever use the word.

Brocialist came about some two years ago in one of my many arguments on Reddit forums, a noted Internet hive of sexism and misogyny. The word “manarchist” was becoming popular as a means to describe and call out the prevalence of sexists within the anarchist community, and I felt that there was a need for an equivalent epithet for the socialist movement. So “brocialist” and “brocialism” was what I came up with.

There have been countless instances in 2013 when the mainstream media and feminist analysis have been misguided by their own blind spots, and this is another instance where lack of intersectional analysis renders problematic, or in this case, it renders a new concept, for those of us who knows some bros, calling out all brocialists!

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