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How Not To Write Like a Jerk

​ Here are some humble suggestions for all you manly men in journalism, to help you not write like oppressive, sexist, transphobic jerks. 1) Check your male privilege: During Monday meetings with your sports blogger bros, you could all reflect on questions such … Continue reading

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Sad Shower In New York

I wanted to write a more personal blog about my current life in NYC, specially for my friends who follow me. This image by Tracy Emin titled “Sad Shower in New York” reflects how I’ve been experiencing the cold and … Continue reading

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Mapa del feminicidio en América Latina. 2013

Originally posted on Proyecto Cuerpo de mujer=Peligro de muerte:
La “pandemia” que está matando a la mujer latinoamericana Redacción BBC Mundo En las notas publicadas a continuación encontrarán historias que no suelen aparecer en los medios. Son crónicas de…

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Hello blog friends. Today, tune it to The Stream, in Aljazeera America for news about the new drug related policies in the US. The Stream will mention the short article I wrote today in Latino Rebels about how it’s not all about the … Continue reading

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Another Term To Call Out Sexism

​For those who have sat in class, or worked with that radical leftist guy who is so in love with his own radical stances he has a HUGE blind spot when it comes to women, there is a new identity … Continue reading

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