The Real NYC Dancing Queen


NYC- This afternoon traffic enforcement agent Mentoria Hutchinson made my day. I got to witness her dance routine moves and locking, wacking choreography going on as she directed traffic in an intersection of Main Street, Flushing. I was trying to not get run over by cars on my way to the seven train station. Crossing the street is when I SAW her-saw the walk, saw those moves.

Ms. Hutchinson, 62, is considered a neighborhood celebrity and has been featured in the NYTimes character study column as the famous NYC Police Traffic officer who “dances with the cars.” So I almost got hit by a car to go up to her, but I did, and told her she was great. Ms. Hutchinson’s story got to LA, where according to her, “The Ellen Show” invited her as a guest this month. But, she expressed “I can’t go. It’s in California.”

I looked up her story tonight, and found out that she started working as a traffic agent at 22, and got hit twice by cars. Regardless, she had to get back to work to keep the income coming. So Ms. Hutchinson decided to start dancing, to lighten up her fears, and make the morning rush a little lighter. She directed traffic in Bronx but has now been transferred to Queens (take THAT Brooklyn! Let’s see how you guys try to get through traffic without Ms. Hutchinson, who is with US now).

Scott K. a New York native originally from The Bronx, told me that he used to see “Dancing with the cars lady” a lot, “She used to work 34th and second avenue by the entrance to the tunnel, where the traffic was insane.” and added “I LOVED HER.”

Now that she has changed location sites to Main Street and 45th avenue, in Flushing, Queens, the traffic is probably just as bad, but she can always get some bubble tea and chinese dumplings on her lunch break, a very common food to eat in the neighborhood.

Here is a link to the video I got of Ms. Hutchinson’s dancing with the cars this afternoon:

Here is the NYTimes Story about her:

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